So...What Happened Here?

So if you are coming here after visiting my blog in the past. The first thing you may be wondering is what happened with the blog. Everything is different and the old content is gone. Well. let me explain.

I decided that I wanted to start fresh in terms of a concept and content for my personal blog. With that in mind, I came up with the design you see before you. Everything was set to go and I showed this to my wife for her comments.

One of the things she noted was that the branding which I had currently in place ( needed some work. Specifically my initial domain which she felt did not fit the concept of my blog(s). She suggested that I look into re-branding my site and focus onto a specific concept for my personal blog. After a bit of work, I found that concept. Juggling a life.

I'm a dad, I'm a Web Developer, and I live my life in New York City. All three of these things present some challenges, and doing all three at the same time requires some juggling with little time to do so. With that I thought the domain nycdaddeveloper,com fit perfectly. The domain fits all together with no spaces. Much like my life. Hence was born.

This site will still be accessible through which will redirect to this site. As for the old content. I have decided to retire it for now. If there are some demanding requests to repost content. please let me know and I will do so.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy