Christmas in New York

Christmas time is here!!

Maybe I am biased because I have spent almost all of my life in New York City, but the holiday season in New York City is unrivaled. The cold, the lights, the energy, the shops. They all blend harmoniously with the pulse and life of the city. Because of that, a different light and energy comes about in the city.

Along with that, blends a new chapter of my life. A father of two young boys who are overjoyed that the holidays are here. Extremely excited that Santa Claus will be coming soon and bringing them a slew of presents. I enter these holiday excited to see my kids happy. They mean the world to me and their happiness, in all honesty feeds mine.

Its funny how the New York has found a way to blend with the holidays, The skating rink is amidst the shops in Midtown, The trees rise up to meet the skyline, with the bright lights blending with the street lights and traffic lights along the city streets.

Its a wonderful year to feel like this as the year ends. I hope to you all that the holidays will bring you as much happiness as it will for myself. I want to wish you all the happiest of holidays and looking forward to a new and prosperous 2011.